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Non ChexSystems Banks in Texas

Unbanked or under banked Texas residents have one option available when it comes to getting a second chance checking account in Texas and there are not any non ChexSystems banks in Texas at this time. There is only one bank willing to work with consumers in Texas that may have had a troubled banking past. This bank is willing to offer second chance checking Texas consumers as long as there has not been a history of fraudulent activity or a suspicion of fraud.

The second chance checking opportuninity offered is a real checking account with actual check writing privileges and does not have any restrictions. The bank will run a ChexSystems and/or EWS report on the applicant(s) and as long as the applicant does not owe the respective bank money or they are clear of fraud, they should approve the account.

If there is a history of fraudulent activity, then the only available option is a prepaid debit card until the fraudulent activity is removed from the report. Prepaid cards are 100% guaranteed and will approve everyone that provides the required information on the application.

Guaranteed Second Chance Checking in Texas

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Second Chance Checking & Non ChexSystems Banks in Texas

If you are looking for second chance banking opportunities in Texas, the banks and credit unions listed will work with those that do not have a history or suspicion of fraud. The non ChexSystems banks in Texas will be marked by non ChexSystems bank and those offering second chance checking in Texas will be noted with the name of the account offered. We do not guarantee the list is 100% correct (see disclaimer here) and you may want to call and verify the listing before applying. Also, you should remember that most second chance checking accounts will need to be opened on site. Non ChexSystems banks in Texas may choose to check your consumer credit report and may have a minimum credit requirement, so please know whats on your credit report before applying.

Las Colinas Federal Credit Union Second Chance Checking
Neighborhood Credit Union Fresh Start Checking
Rio Bank Fresh Start Checking
Tarrant County Credit Union Second Chance Checking
Wells Fargo Opportunity Package
WoodForest Bank Second Chance Checking

Before applying for any at any of the banks it is important that you know where you stand so there are no surprises. Check your credit report and ChexSystems and EWS reports before applying so you know exactly what is being reported on your reports and can answer any questions. Doing so will improve your chances at getting approved at any of the financial institutions you are seeking second chance checking opportunities from.